SubEthaEdit 5 now available free of charge in the App Store and as direct download. The complete source code with history going back 15 years is also available under the MIT License.

Nothing feels better than seeing automated backups working properly.

I've probably got to find a new (S)FTP/S3/etc. app now that Transmit for iOS is in maintanence mode, but it's still working for me right now, and so much better than anything else on iOS that I'm going to try and stick with it as long as I can

Also I did most of that work from an iPad which was kind of neat. Turns out a good shell gets you a long way and is a fantastic little app.

After being too busy / tired to work on my Masto instance for a while, I've this evening moved it over to a new server, set up regular backups, regular SSL cert renewal etc. to (hopefully) be able to let it run mostly unattended

I loaded up Dragon Quest XI and watched the opening cinematic before I had to leave for work. It’s so beautiful and I’m so excited for that game ah man.

It’s nice to have side projects where you can just spend hours upon hours building nice abstractions, getting the architecture right, and taking the time to build everything just right.

It’s a terrible way to actually ship anything, but my goal with side projects usually isn’t to build a Product, but to learn new skills and try out ideas that just aren’t practical in most real-world projects.

I started to work on a side project iOS app tonight, but then got sidetracked and spent most of the evening writing abstractions on top of RxSwift to make building my app easier. Still, I had a lot of fun, learnt a whole bunch about memory management in Rx, and built some stuff I might be able to reuse on other projects.

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The one major issue with iOS’s support for PWAs is the fact that the instant you background them, they get kicked out of memory. Every time I open Mastodon I have to wait a few seconds for it to load, where most native apps I use frequently will already be loaded in memory.

Also I’m still super happy with my instance’s custom colour scheme, feels so cosy to me

Man Mastodon works really well as a progressive web app on iOS. Still not as nice as a good native client, but better than you’d expect.

I’m playing a lot of Into the Breach now that it’s out on the Switch and really enjoying it. I tend to peter our pretty quickly when it comes to a lot of turn based tactics games, but the possibility space in ItB feels constrained in such a way that each turn feels like a little puzzle to solve, and every time things go south, I learn how to play a little smarter next run. What a cool little game.

I’ve used everything from Core Data to Realm to handle local data stores in iOS apps, but I’m just using plain ol’ SQLite in this side project and it’s like a breath of fresh air. There’s certainly things I miss from those tools, but treating entities as mostly inert outside of the model layer has made a lot of things much more straightforward.

@bombsfall it's called and this is on their homepage. it's buck wild

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