Nothing feels better than seeing automated backups working properly.

Also I’m still super happy with my instance’s custom colour scheme, feels so cosy to me

Aw neat, the latest Mastodon 2.4 RC added an official light theme

I bought this extremely real Pokémon Green cart off of eBay because it was like $5 and I have to know wtf it actually is. Pokémon Green Version was a real thing in Japan, but that version doesn't look anything like this.

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updates: I spent some time on my train ride home getting pagination (mostly) working. It needs some more work to get that smooth 60fps scrolling I crave, but it works.

Also, I took some time to sit down and think about how this app should actually work, and what it should look like, in a process I'm calling "design". Here's an early peek at what I have in mind for the timeline view.

I did some more tonight, adding rudimentary support for content warnings. I'm not 100% sold on this for the final UI, but it's an important feature and one I wanted to support as early as possible.

I’m up too late because I’ve been playing God of War, but I also found time to set up TestFlight build of Wooly using Fastlane. That means that when I’m ready to start inviting testers, it’s as easy as flipping a switch.

I’m wearing myself out too much with working on this app, so I’m gonna go relax in bed and finally read the manga which my favourite anime of the past few years is based on.

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I’m also focusing on accessibility. Most of iOS’s accessibility features, including VoiceOver, Dynamic Type, etc. should work great with this app.

Further Mastodon client progress: I've got statuses formatting correctly, though links, mentions, and hashtags currently aren't handled. I also have the beginnings of a theme system in place.

Very early days, but I have my Mastodon client displaying a rudimentary timeline!

My mastodon theme looks so crisp with the dark theme mobile Safari uses for private browsing mode. Wish I could have it look like that all the time.

Matrix's reference implementation is not without its efficiency issues

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