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Man Firebase just kind of overwhelms any codebase you expose to it. Definitely keeping that out of as many projects as I reasonably can.

I bought a Kindle from Amazon a few months back, and now without fail they email me every few weeks asking if I want to buy another Kindle

Aw neat, the latest Mastodon 2.4 RC added an official light theme

I bought this extremely real Pokémon Green cart off of eBay because it was like $5 and I have to know wtf it actually is. Pokémon Green Version was a real thing in Japan, but that version doesn't look anything like this.

Upon installing #VSCode ("insiders edition", their nightly build), it:

- Immediately opened my web browser without my permission and instantly loaded a URL with various parameters (what did it just send to Microsoft?!)

- Tried to connect to at least 4 different domains, including one for "bing search results" when I tried searching *inside the text editor*

- Still continued to connect to 3 domains, including Bing search, after I disabled all "telemetry" settings

Not worth it.

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Hi #iOS #devs: The @matrix client #riotapp for iOS needs some accessibility love. Missing button labels, missing labels on bottom tabs, and rows that don't activate on double-tapping with VoiceOver on the Home tab. If you have a few spare cycles and would like to donate them to a good cause, this is one opportunity. The two Github issues are:
#a11y #iosdev

happy endings: there was nothing wrong with the underlying mechanism here, so they could just put a new key cap on it free of charge. I was in and out of the Apple store in like 15 minutes.

finite state machine model for the implementation of the AI for an oak tree

updates: I spent some time on my train ride home getting pagination (mostly) working. It needs some more work to get that smooth 60fps scrolling I crave, but it works.

Also, I took some time to sit down and think about how this app should actually work, and what it should look like, in a process I'm calling "design". Here's an early peek at what I have in mind for the timeline view.

There hasn’t been a whole lot I’m the way of user-facing changes since I last talked about Wooly, but the codebase has seen a ton of refactoring, separating our concerns, prepping for future work, and so on. I’m not happy with where it’s at just yet, but I’m content it’s heading in the right direction.

next up is media support, then I want to start working on the compose view

I did some more tonight, adding rudimentary support for content warnings. I'm not 100% sold on this for the final UI, but it's an important feature and one I wanted to support as early as possible.

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I will absolutely design a real icon before it ships btw, though I do love this placeholder.

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